10# Nyjer® Seed
X - 30# Nyjer® Seed
10# Black Oil Sunflower
30# Black Oil Sunflower
10# White Safflower
30# White Safflower
10# Golden Safflower
30# Golden Safflower
10# - #1 Select Hearts
30# - #1 Select Hearts
30# Cob Corn
5# Cob Corn
10# Cob Corn
10# Peanut Pickouts
30# Peanut Pickout
20# In-Shell Peanuts
5# In-Shell Peanuts
10# Bye Bye Starling
30# Bye Bye Starling
10# Joe's Mix
30# Joe's Mix
10# Mahtomedi Cardinal Mix
30# Mahtomedi Cardinal Mix
10# Kracker Jax
30# Kracker Jax
10# Cabin Mix
30# Cabin Mix
10# Berry Nutty
30# Berry Nutty
10# Critter Crunch
30# Critter Crunch
10# Nyjer® & Chips
30# Nyjer® & Chips
10# Finches' Choice
30# Finches' Choice
10# Dakota Mix
30# Dakota Mix
10# Songbird Delight
30# Songbird Delight
Hi-Energy Suet Cake 12 oz.
Peanut Butter Suet 12 oz.
Fruit Berry Suet Cake 12 oz.
Sunflower Heart Suet Cake 12 oz.
Small Droll Yankee Tray
12" Extension Hook
29" Extension Hook
54" Branch Hook
PP Bee Guard Replacement
12" Branch Hook
Single Arm Adjustable Rail Bracket
4" Extension Hook
12 oz Hummerfest
Double Arm Adjustable Rail Bracket
36" Branch Hook
Oriolefest Nectar Feeder w/ Bee Guards
Patio Base
Mandarin Hanging Baffle
12" Clear Hanging Dome Baffle
Mounting Plate
Wren Portal 1"
Chickadee Portal 1.125"
Step In Pole Single
Step In Pole Double
Green 14" Bird Bath Insert
Ant Guard w/Permethrin
Plain Attractor Suet Plugs
Aspects Window Cafe
Roasted Peanut Suet Plug
9" Pole Extension
Mounting Plate w/1" Hole
3 Arm Pole Top Attachment
Birds of Minnesota Field Guide 3rd Edition
C&S Sweet Corn Squirrel Log
Large Droll Yankee Omni Seed Tray
Thistle Pouch
Single Suet Feeder - Wildlife Science
8 oz Best #1 Hummingbird Feeder
Double Suet Feeder-Wildlife Science
32 oz. Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder
Sunflower Heart Suet Plug
No Melt Peanut Suet Plug
SB6 22 1/2" Wraparound Squirrel Baffle
Bluebird Portal 1.5"
4 Arm Pole Top Attachment
14" Heated Insert by Erva
Clamp On Deck Extension Hook 44"
Observer Window Feeder
Twister for 1" poles
Havegard Best Nest Builder
Hummingbird Basket Planter Feeder
C&S Nut'n Sweet Corn
Cylindrical Domed Baffle
3" Copper Tint Hook
Buster Plus Feeder
80" Metal Pole 1" Diameter
2 Arm Pole Top Attachment
Best Long Brush
65" Hummer Staff w/Hummingbird
14" Pole Extension
Pole Adapter by Erva
8" Copper Tint Hook
14" Copper Tint Hook
Nectar Protector Jr. Clear
Window Suet Feeder
Birch Log Suet Feeder
Best Hummingbird Combo Brush Set
Water Wiggler-Standard
Best Port Brush for Hummingbird Feeders
Round Mounting Plate
Vertical Mounting Plate
Big Foot Tray
Round Seed Tray
Super TubeTop Dome - Aspects
18" Wrought Iron Extension
20" Pole Extension
Bird Bath Brush
Red Ant Can't
Maple Leaf Window Alert
60" Metal Pole 1" Diameter
Wild Bird Feast Small Cylinder
EZ Feeder
Wild Bird Feast Large Cylinder
3 lb Peanut Butter Suet Cake
Scoop and Fill
Recycled 2 Cup Orange Oriole Feeder
8" Quick Connect Hanger
32oz Red Nectar Concentrate
Window Hanger
Feeder Fresh 9 oz.
Buster Classic Feeder
Recycled Double Suet- Green Top
24" Branch Quick Connect Hanger
28" Cylindrical Domed Raccoon Baffle
Cardinal Finial
Clay 14" Bird Bath Insert
Butterfly Window Alert
Recycled Single Suet - Green Top
Hummzinger Ultra
12" Quick Connect Hanger
Pole Adapter Squirrel Buster Plus
Hummingbird Window Alert
20"x15" Recycled Pole Seed Catcher
Quick Clean Nyjer Medium Antique Brass
16oz Red Concentrate Hummingbird Nectar
16oz Clear Concentrate Nectar
Quick Clean Nyjer Small Antique Brass
Quick Clean Seed Small Antique Brass
20" Clear Hanging Baffle
Bird Saver Silhouette Window Clings
Buster Mini Feeder
Traditional Wren House Hanging
Snowflake Window Alert
Buster Finch Feeder
Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder
Orange Weather Guard
Cedar Wood Duck House-Woodlink
24oz Clear Natural Powder Hummingbird Nectar
74" Metal Pole 1" Diameter
28" Pole Extension
1 Qt. Forever Nyjer Yellow
Peterson Bluebird House
8 oz Flaming Squirrel Oil
Birdberry Jelly for Orioles
Quick Clean Seed Big Tube Antique Brass
Quick Clean Seed Big Tube Spruce
Red Nectar Protector Jr. -
12" Quick Connect Hanger 1/2" Poles
Small Hanging Tray Green Solutions 10 x10
Large Recycled Hanging Tray Green Solutions (16 x 12.5)
Whole Peanut Wreath
Porch Hanger for Metal rails
Suet Ball Fdr Mesh w/ Roof
Whole Peanut Wreath Red
Buster Peanut Feeder
Clear Dome
Red Dome
Orange Dome
Dried Mealworm Topping
Insect + Hot Pepper Suet Cake
PB Mealworm + Berry Suet
PB MW & Peanut Suet Cake
PB Woodpecker Suet
Patio Base Ground Anchors
Birds Of The Midwest Playing Cards
Bucket: Dried Mealworms
Copper Hummingbird Swing
Frequent Feeder Member 1-Year Standard
Frequent Feeder Member 2-Year Standard
Frequent Feeder Member 1-Year Plus
Frequent Feeder Member 2-Year Plus
Hummzinger High-View 12oz
Quick Clean Seed Medium Brushed Nickel
Quick Clean Nyjer Medium Spruce
Quick Clean Seed Medium Spruce
Oriole Vintage Feeder
Leaf Medley Window Alert
Squirrel Chair
Ruby HumBird Feeder
Birds of the Midwest Quick Guides
Recycled Double Upside Down Suet Feeder
8 oz Hummerfest
Squirrel Spin Feeder
PB Year Round Suet Cake
Backyard Birds of the Midwest Folding Guide
Composite Roof PVC BB House
Cedar Wren House Nature's Way
Quick Clean Seed Large Antique Brass
Quick Clean Nyjer Large Antique Brass
16oz. Oriole Concentrate Nectar
Buster Standard Feeder
Quick Clean Nyjer Medium Brushed Nickel
Quick Clean Seed Medium Antique Brass
Coppertop Suet Ball Wreath
Buster Plus Weather Guard
Hummingbird Nectar Defender
Clear View Hopper Window Fdr
Oriole Flower Feeder
Bluebird Flower Feeder
Quick Clean Peanut Spruce
C&S Peanut Nuggets
XL Birch Suet Log
Fruit & Nut Suet Balls/4
8" Quick Connect for 1/2" Poles
Peanut Blend Suet Balls/4
Hot Pepper Suet Balls/4
Quick Clean Seed Large Spruce
24oz Orange All Natural Oriole Powder Nectar
Recycled Hopper Blue Roof Medium
Medium Hopper w/ Suet--Blue Roof
Small Gray Recycled Hanging Tray 10 x10
Large Gray Recycled Hanging Tray (16 x 12.5)
3 Arm 22" Reach Pole Top Hanger
Quick Clean Seed Tray
Nectar Concentrate w/ Nectar Defender
Quick Clean Nyjer Large Spruce
Fly-Thru Feeder Gray w/ Blue Roof
Oriole Feeder with Clear Roof
Gray Window Mount Tray Feeder
Bluebird House Gray w/Blue Roof - Green Solutions
Squirrel Fire Mix 4 oz.
Baluster Deck Mount Hanger
Bugs Nuts & Fruit Large Cake
Bugs, Nuts & Fruit Small Cake
All Season Bell
High Reach Hanger
Bugs Nuts & Fruit Small Cylinder
Seed Bell Hanger-Mr. Bird
Buster Pole Tray/Seed Catcher
Buster Legacy
Goodnight Loon
Bugs Nuts & Fruit Large Cylinder
C&S Woodpecker Nuggets
24oz Red All Natural Powdered Hummer Nectar
Garden Stake Hummingbird Feeder
Small Hopper Grey w/ Blue Roof
Heated Bath Insert 150 Watt
Golden Safflower Small Cylinder
Golden Safflower Large Cylinder
Flaming Hot Feast Small Cylinder
Flaming Hot Feast Small Cake
Squngee Deluxe
Oriole Single Cup Feeder
6 Gallon Seed Can
10 gal galvanized seed can
The Kid's Guide to Birds of Minnesota
C is for Cardinal
Food & Seed Moth Trap
Economy Bath Ring
Hanging Cedar Wren House
Nectar Fortress Natural Ant Repellent Twi Pack
16 oz Flaming Squirrel
8 oz Bird Bath Protector
Pinched Waist Red Glass Hummingbird Feeder
GC Audubon Bird Call
Oriole Bee Guards Vintage Feeder
Flaming Hot Feast Bell
Cylinder Feeder
Buster Suet
Flaming Hot Feast Large Cylinder
Quick Release Seed Scoop
Flaming Hot Feast Large Cake
Loons Playing Cards
Birds in Minnesota
Birding for Beginners by Stan Tekiela
Hummzinger 8oz Highview
NeatFeeder XL
Gift Card - All Seasons Wild Bird Store $25
Gift Card - All Seasons Wild Bird Store $50
Gift Card - All Seasons Wild Bird Store $100
Patio Bath Dish with Stand
Grape 32oz Nectar Concentrate Nectar
Hanging Metal Tray Feeder-BE
3 lb Hot Pepper Suet Cake
Red 32oz Concentrate Hummingbird Nectar
Orange 32 oz Concentrate Oriole Nectar
Blue Dome
Seed & Nut Tweets - 5 Pack
Flaming Hot Feast 74oz Seed Bag
Aspen Leaf Window Decal
Clear 32oz Concentrate Hummingbird Nectar
Bee Repellent 8 oz spray for nectar feeders
Wren House-GC
Pinecone Medley Alert
Garden Bugs & Insects of the Midwest Quick Guide
Classic Oriole Feeder-Nectar
Mini Bat Tower
Sibley Bird Bingo
Ground Level Bath Ring
Pinched Waist 4 Fountain Feeder
Small Recycled Hanging Tray Lake Blue
Large Recycled Hanging Tray Lake Blue
Recycled Fly Thru Feeder Lake Blue
Recycled Small Hopper Lake Blue
Recycled Medium Hopper Lake Blue
Suet Nugget Feeders--C&S
Squirrel Defeater Snap-On Pole Baffle
Recycled Wren House Lake Blue
Lake & Cabin Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder
Window Mount Tray Feeder-Lake Blue
Black Single Suet Basket
Squirrel Defeater Super Snap-On
Squirrel Slip 4oz
C&S Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets
Bamboo Wren House-Ultimate Renewable
The Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs
Baltimore Oriole Cap
Black Capped Chickadee Cap
Cardinal Cap
Common Loon Cap
Pileated Woodpecker Cap
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Cap
Blue Window Feeder
Orange Window Jelly Feeder
Bamboo Bluebird House-Ultimate Renewable
Corn Caddy
Window Hummingbird Feeder
Birdie Tweats Wild Bird Nesting Material
PB Filled Mealworm Sock BL/WH
Recycled Plastic Bluebird House Lake Blue
Tube Solution 150 Seed Feeder
Tube Solution Seed Tray
Two Chamber Bat Flat
Tube Solution 200 Seed Feeder
Convertible Cedar Roosting House
I Am Cardinal 300 pc
I Am Owl 300 pc
I Am Goldfinch 300 pc
I am Woodpecker 300 pc
I Am Blue Jay 300 pc
I Am Bluebird 300 pc
I Am Hummingbird 300 pc
I Am Great Horned Owl 300 pc
Whimsy Wand Hummingbird feeder
Window Wonder Two Tube Feeder
Whimsy Tweeter Totter Hummingbird Feeder